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Tom Mody
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Dance is a tremendous example of how positive energy can be harnessed. The ability to control the mind and the body has been among the most ancient of practices to obtain strength, dignity and self respect. A business model that can be focused around those positive attributes and can highlight them is something most entrepreneurs would struggle to find in a business plan.

But there has been a great intersection in my life which has brought me to this point in creating Dance Family Magazine. For one, my family has embraced dance- as the activity of choice for my 10 year old daughter, in our socializing with the families and instructors and in my wife’s volunteer work with our local studio. There also has been an explosion of the dance world on television. Some of it entertaining and embracing... and some of it, to put it kindly, sensationalized. And finally there is the point to where I’ve taken my other business activities as far as I wish to and have been searching for the right opportunity to be creative with my strengths in this new media era.

I recognize that the talented adults I now associate with are a far cry from the sensationalized media element that seems to have captured the young dancer’s attention. It makes good drama but from everything I have experienced, a dance studio, the parents and the kids are a family. Sure there’s drama and disagreements but the overwhelming majority of experiences are positive and tight-knit. Many dancers are with the studios, the parents and their dance friends from childhood to teenage years and beyond. In many cases that means they spend more time with their dance family than their relatives.

It’s okay to be entertained in serial drama but at the end of the day, dance is about harnessing positive energy and I hope to publish DFM with that same positive energy flowing from it’s pages. Positive instruction, positive stories, positive photography, positive examples presented by instructors, parents and dancers of all ages. So welcome to my business model that hopefully brings some equilibrium back to what makes dance families so great.

If you feel you want a voice in bringing positive dance stories and instruction to the over 100 million Apple app users then please click here to submit your article or idea.

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